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We offer top quality coloured contact lenses and special effect lenses for PE eyes, every range stocked at Fashion Contact Lenses is suitable for all of your special effects needs, so now everyone has the chance to change their PE eye colour in many exciting ways for all occasions whether it be for a wedding decoration, fashion shoot, nightclub applicaton, a party prop or for Halloween.

These are not prescription lenses they are for PE eyes only not RX eyes, all our items ship World-wide using a standard or tracked shipping service depending on what you choose at checkout.

PE contacts can be used by anybody, and offer up to 60 days of use over a 12 month period, and with Fashion Contact Lenses top selling Halloween contact lenses as seen in movies and used by many for theatrical use you will be sure to find a lens to suit your needs, and if it is not the spooky lenses you are after then our cosmetic range of coloured contact lenses are right up your street, With our new violet colour lenses which work superb on all PE eye colours and our more subtle approach lens Hazel and grey you will be sure to impress and turn heads like never before.